Parents & Guarantors

As young adults move away to university, many parents worry about the obvious issues that may arise from shared accommodation. At Haus, our team have extensive knowledge of the Leeds student property market and are well placed to offer you sound advice on all aspects of the letting process, from finding the right property at the right time to ensuring a tenancy agreement that protects both the tenant and the landlord.

Our deposits are protected with the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme), and we voluntarily adhere to client money protection, ensuring all monies paid by you or the tenant are safe.

In addition to this, we adhere to strict safety regulations providing relevant safety certificates where required.

All student tenants are required to provide a UK homeowner as a guarantor for their share of the total rent. The reason we need this is that students usually do not have a comprehensive credit file to check, they are typically unable to provide three years of tenancy records and are generally not earning sufficient income to pass a tenancy affordability check. Not only does having a guarantor give protection to the landlord for rent payment, but it also protects the student tenants within the house share; If each tenant has a guarantor, we will have the option to pursue their guarantor for non-payment of rent, rather than the remaining housemates that have dutifully paid their share. We are happy to answer any queries on the tenancy agreement and guarantor form.

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