What type of seller are you?

There are lots of different reasons for choosing to sell your home which can impact the sales process and how we approach it together. Now, we’re always going to give you the highest standard of service, regardless of who you are or why you are selling, but if you’re a professional property developer then we won’t bore you with the simple stuff, and if you’re a first-time seller, we will make sure you fully understand every step of the process. So, why one are you?

First time seller

Experiencing the sales process as a seller for the first time is quite different to when you experience the process as a buyer but can be equally as overwhelming. Your motivations, circumstances and financial situation are often very different; as well as the steps you need to take. Our sales team will support you through the steps you need to take to ensure you have the best possible return for your home and with as much ease for you as possible

Seasoned seller

You will have been through the process before, so you know how it works, you know the hours that go into preparing your property for sale, the phone calls and administration required for conveyancing, not to mention the constant chasing of each party to ensure the sale completes on time. Our team deals with multiple sales daily and understands what buyers are looking for as well as what they are prepared to pay. We will take care of all the time-consuming tasks you often end up doing yourself and work hard to insure a swift and hassle-free sale for you. A good agent will work for you and minimise the time you need to spend on the sale whilst communicating effectively to keep you updated at all times. We pride ourselves on being a good agent!

Investor landlord

Haus sales and lettings teams are able to provide advice and assistance to established investors landlords looking to expand their existing property portfolio and those who are first time invested needing guidance on where to start and what factors to consider. Our sales team will take the time to get to know what you are looking to achieve and how quickly you're looking to get things moving; whether this is a short or long-term investment, whether your motivation is good rental yield or capital growth, and they will devise an individual investment profile for you. Your sales expert will keep you regularly updated with new investment opportunities along with market updates, information and news. Many of our investor clients view us as a “one-stop-shop”, taking advantage of having one dedicated contact for every aspect of their property investments; from property sourcing, sales progression, letting and management as well as referring and liaising with financial advisors, accountants and solicitors on their behalf.


We understand that there is often additional emotion and family sensitivities which need to be observed at this time, our friendly team knows how to handle the property sale whilst considering everyone's feelings. In addition to the sale itself, we can help with some of the other obligations you will probably acquire such as regular property inspections as a condition of your home insurance or other services to do with property maintenance or clearance. Please ask us for an appointment and we can either discuss your needs over a cup of tea or coffee at our branch or we can come to you to visit the property, whichever suits your needs best.


Selling and downsizing your home for retirement often reaps benefits for those who are retiring. It can reduce household running and management costs. Releases equity for you to enjoy time with loved ones, or invest into other property. And whilst we are not accountants, there can be some tax benefits to you as well. You may wish to sell through our standard sales process or if you are looking for a quicker sale, you may be interested in hearing more about our online auction options as well, both are great routes to selling your home when retiring and our sales team can help you with what route is best for your motivations and needs.