Top Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

Top Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

February 13, 2017

Top Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

Moving house is often a great opportunity to find a new home, one which suits your situation perfectly and complements your lifestyle. For some people, a new house is a step up the property ladder, or a clever investment; for others, it’s a necessity. If you’ve been offered a dream job in a new city, for instance, or if there’s a baby on the way, you might find yourself with a time limit to find somewhere new to live. In situations like this, you’ll have to sell your house quickly in order to move on time, but real estate sales are notoriously long-winded, and can drag on longer than you’d like.

We’ve guided hundreds of buyers and sellers through property transactions in a timely manner, and have helped many sellers to complete their sales within their timeframe. Our top tips for ensuring that your house sale completes on time will help you avoid a lengthy, drawn out sale and keep your own moving date on track.

Avoid Chains

Everything else being equal, a cash buyer is more attractive than one who’s yet to sell their own home. This is because you won’t have to wait on them to complete their own sale in order to buy your property; when you’re ready to go, they will be too. For this reason, first time buyers can be a great choice, since they haven’t got a property of their own to sell. Of course, there isn’t anything you can do to ensure that you receive offers from cash buyers, but if you do it’s worth considering lower bids from them; the reward of an easy completion is often worth accepting a slightly lower bid for.

Beware Timewasters

Whether you’re on a time limit or not, you’re obviously going to be avoiding anyone who isn’t serious about buying your property. However, timewasters have much more potential to do damage when you’re trying for a quick sale, so be extra careful of them if you need to sell fast. For example, an opening bid that’s way below your asking price is a good sign that the bidder isn’t all that committed to buying your house Even if they submit a more reasonable bid at a later date, the fact that they made such an unrealistic offer to start with could indicate that they’re not completely reliable, and might pull out further down the line.

Set an Attractive Asking Price

If you’re willing to accept a lower price, don’t try to hide your hand until the negotiation stages. As your move date creeps closer you’ll be in a weaker negotiation position, so it’s best to attract as many bids as possible once your home is on the market. If you’re serious about offering a low price to attract interest, don’t be afraid to set a low asking price – if you aren’t sure, a reputable local real estate agent can provide you with sound advice on what you should ask for.

You Can Always Say No

If the worst happens and you still don’t have a buyer by the time you need to move, it isn’t the end of the world. The cost of renting a house for a month or two while you complete the sale is often cheaper than accepting a rock-bottom offer simply to close the deal. Even if you’re leaving the country, you can still trust a reputable local estate agent to complete the sale on your behalf, and as long as you’ve provided them with ample instructions on what to accept they should be able to negotiate an acceptable deal. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll have to accept anything; there’s always the option to turn down any offer. Bear this in mind when you’re negotiating the sale – no buyer will ever be able to force you into accepting their bid.

Who do you sell with?

Conducting the sale yourself might seem like a straightforward way to proceed, and an effective way of cutting out the middle man. However, professional real estate agents can offer valuable information and experience which makes the process much more straightforward. Typically, bringing a deal from offer to completion is the lengthiest part of any transaction, and having access to an expert real estate specialist is invaluable in ensuring that this part of the process goes smoothly.