Top Reasons at attend Uni in Leeds

Top Reasons at attend Uni in Leeds

September 19, 2016

Top Reasons to attend University in Leeds

Leeds is one of the top university destinations in the UK, and thousands of young adults travel here every year to begin their higher education journey. With so many students around, Leeds has a thriving and vibrant culture that caters to students, but what is it that makes Leeds so attractive, and what can you get out of the city?

Top-class Education

We might as well get it out of the way early; Leeds has some of the best-ranked educational establishments in the country – the University of Leeds is one of the top 100 universities in the world, and is part of the Russell Group of leading UK universities. With this in mind, you can rest assured that all the partying, shopping and clubbing that comes along with the city is laid down in a sound foundation of scholarly repute; at least, you can tell your parents that!

The Retail Heart of the North

Thousands upon thousands of shoppers descend upon Leeds every weekend, from towns and villages all around Yorkshire. Leeds offers such a wide variety of shopping experiences, from the brand-new all-in-one Trinity Centre with all the top high street brands to the refined elegance of the Victorian Quarter or the quirky individuality of the Corn Exchange. With all this and more on offer, you never have to worry about being left behind the latest trends, or being stuck for something new to explore!

Reasonable Rent

Leeds offers a wide variety of student accommodation, and though you’ll almost certainly be staying in halls of residence for your first year of studying you’ll likely move into private renting in your second and third years. Because there is such a huge student market for landlords, there is a great deal of competition, meaning that rents are kept low without compromising quality – since your rent is likely to be your largest expenditure as a student, this will have a dramatic impact on how far your student loan goes.

Nightlife Galore

Leeds is the ideal city for a night out; not only are there plenty of different clubs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres, but the city centre is perfectly compact and easily walkable. You won’t need to spend half your money getting cabs from one venue to another; instead, you can comfortably walk from the cinema to dinner, then out to a club! From the laser-filled adrenalin of PRYZM to the understated elegance of Chilli White’s, there are plenty of options for the discerning club-goer, but if this isn’t your speed there are still plenty of options to choose from: the Hyde Park Picture House plays host to independent cinema nights, and the Carriageworks boasts contemporary, cutting-edge theatre. Comedy greats like Al Murray, Shappi Khorsandi and Mark Watson can be seen gracing the stage at the City Variety Music Hall too, so you’ll never be stuck for something to do.

Musical Hotspots

This city is perfectly sized to catch the biggest touring acts as they go past, without sacrificing the small, intimate venues that make live music such an exciting experience. Bands like the Pigeon Detectives, Alt-J and the Kaiser Chiefs all cut their teeth in dark rooms like the legendary Warehouse, and who knows what up-and-coming superstars of tomorrow you’ll see?

Getting away from it all

Leeds is placed in the heart of Yorkshire, and some of the UK’s most beautiful parts of countryside are within easy reach – the Yorkshire Dales themselves are a scant few hours away by train, and for those days when the clouds miraculously disappear the breathtaking Scarborough coast is also easily reachable.

Student Culture

In some cities, students are an unwelcome addition, but not in Leeds; here, the whole city is used to the enormous annual influx of students, and is happy to cater to them. The huge student population means that there’s always a whole host of meal and drink deals, special offers and discounts available to students, so long as you know where to look, and you can save a big chunk of your student loan by taking advantage of smart savings.