Reasons Why Leeds is a Great Place to Live

Reasons Why Leeds is a Great Place to Live

February 17, 2017

Reasons Why Leeds is a Great Place to Live

We’re proud to call ourselves a local real estate agent. There are many businesses around the country who operate purely online, or who are content to provide services all around the country; we focus solely on Leeds, where we’ve been helping buyers and sellers for years. As a result, we know that this city has a lot to offer for all different sorts of people, and whether you’re considering moving here, studying here or even just visiting, we’re certain that you’ll find this city has everything you’re looking for.

Culture, Arts and Entertainment:

Leeds is the cultural hub of the North of England, and is home to several theatres, venues and clubs. From the forward-thinking, cutting edge performances at the Carriageworks to the imposing architecture of the Leeds Grand Theatre, anyone seeking a live show will struggle for excuses not to come out. Cinema lovers will revel in the selection of big-screen multiplexes in Leeds, while more independent tastes are catered to by the art-house Hyde Park Picture House and Cottage Road Cinema.

Leeds is also a major tour stop-off for the biggest bands, and the First Direct Arena plays home to the top acts touring the country. There are also plenty of smaller venues operating, and there’s every chance you could see the next up-and-coming band playing in a back room.


People come from all over Yorkshire at the weekend simply to shop in the vast retail districts in Leeds. Most cities would be content to have one major shopping area, but in Leeds there are several, each with their own distinct character; the biggest, and the most modern, is the Trinity Centre, where all the high street names can be found. You could quite easily spend a day in the Trinity Centre and never have to leave, but Leeds has plenty more on offer; the Victoria Arcade is a gorgeous glass-roofed shopping arcade, home to the very highest names in fashion. The beauty and glamour of Victoria Arcade cannot be overstated, and even if you’ve no intention of making a purchase it’s worth a trip just to see this unique structure.

On top of all this, Leeds has several other unique shopping areas such as the Corn Exchange and the Grand Arcade, all of which offer a different flavour and characteristic identity.

Location, Countryside and Trips:

Leeds might be a hustling, bustling, multicultural city, but it sits right in the heart of Yorkshire, one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. It may seem hard to believe when you’re rushing around the busy streets, but the Yorkshire moors and dales are only an hour or two away, and it’s not hard to arrange a weekend of hiking and rambling to get away from it all. Alternatively, you can make your way up to the coast at Scarborough, the classic seaside resort. Here you can relax and take a load off your mind, perhaps spending a week away sampling the relaxed coastal life.

Not every city can boast such easy access to amazing countryside, and Leeds is one of the few which allows residents to break away and enjoy the fresh air and peace of the country.

History, Character and Identity:

Not all cities are created equally. Some are business centres, where thousands of commuters journey in every day to drive the wheels of commerce. Others are peaceful and sleepy, where life drifts on as it has for many years, and others still are melting pots of culture, craft and cuisine. Leeds is one of the few cities which combines these distinct threads into a single cultural identity; this city is both frenetic and hardworking, easy-going and relaxed and boasts a rich heritage. This is what we mean when we say Leeds has something for everyone; whatever your ideal city is, Leeds can be. There’s so much on offer that it really is what you make of it; you’ll never be stuck for things to do or see, and Leeds makes an ideal home.