Headingley Vs Hyde Park

Headingley Vs Hyde Park

May 6, 2015

Both of these areas have their pros and cons for both investors and tenants but which one is best for you?

Over the years there has always been a shift in the amount of students letting in each area. One year Headingley would do particularly well, rents would be good and demand high and then the following year Hyde Park would be the preferred choice.

More recently with the movement of a lot of the Leeds Beckett courses to their newer city centre campus, there has been a shift of the tenants in the same direction. One of the most common requirements that prospective tenants ask for when searching is that they want to be as close to the Universities as possible.

Which area do you want buy in? Which area do you want to rent in? Speak to one of the team for more information and to find out which we’d recommend for your requirements.