Haus Appeal for Support of African Aid mission

Haus Appeal for Support of African Aid mission

March 24, 2016

Haus Appeal for Support of African Aid mission

Haus properties, Headingley, are calling out for support from their local community to help The Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic, on Lake Malawi, Africa.

Staff member Rosie Ballard is making the trip to Africa to support the clinic and her mother Tracy who has volunteered her time over the past year to the clinic in Africa, putting her nursing skills to great use in the severely deprived area.

Since making the move from NHS to the remote clinic in Africa Tracy has been appalled by the lack of facilities and has called out to her daughter Rosie to help support her mission and bring along urgently needed supplies.

Tracy commented “Due to the lifestyle and facilities out here, the children are extremely vulnerable and regularly suffer from minor injuries such a burns and breaks whilst trying to survive their daily lives.”

“Cooking dinner can be such a hazard as children are exposed to open fires with no protection or safe cooking equipment. “

“Not only are there daily hazards but we also have high numbers of people admitted with HIV/Aids, Malaria, asthma, dysentery and malnutrition.”

“We are in desperate need of more medical equipment to treat the 100 patients we receive at the clinic each day”

Rosie said “ After speaking to my mum about her experiences out in Africa, I just knew that I need to try and help make a difference too.”

“When I mentioned it to my colleagues at Haus we all felt we needed to help the Billy Riordan clinic in any way that we could”

Haus are appealing to the local community to contribute supplies or donations in aid of the mission. Rosie will be travelling to the clinic on the 1st May and hopes to take supplies such as: wound dressings for burns, honey dressings, mepitel film, solar calculators and toddlers clothing with her.

Haus Properties have pledged to match the value of any donations made to the charity clinic in support of the mission.

To help support the campaign, drop off your items or donations; which will be used to purchase supplies to Haus-Properties on 103 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, L63 3PX.

For more information about the The Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic visit