8 reasons why Leeds is the best place to live in the UK

8 reasons why Leeds is the best place to live in the UK

March 14, 2016

8 reasons why Leeds is the best place to live in the UK

Leeds is one of the UK’s economically strongest cities and boasts a long and storied heritage. This gem of a city, tucked away in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, combines a powerhouse economy with a vibrant city life; if you’re looking to buy a house in Leeds you’ll be moving to a lively, robust city with a lot to offer. Here are a few reasons why Leeds is a great place to live:

It’s a people-sized city:

When you live in Leeds, you don’t live in a sprawling, faceless metropolis. Walking across the city centre takes less than half an hour, so getting from the theatre to your favourite pub doesn’t require careful consultation of maps and timetable; everything you could ever want is within easy reach. Don’t be fooled by its compact size though, the city is packed full of theatres, venues, museums, galleries, exhibitions, bars and nightclubs, so you won’t find yourself short of places to go!

It’s a green city

Fancy a picnic on the grass? How about a walk in the woods, or flying kites in the park? Wherever you buy a house in Leeds you aren’t far away from one of the city’s many green spaces. Not only can you visit an abundance of parks, but landmarks such as Lotherton Hall and Kirkstall Abbey make for a perfect day out, and the local Tropical Park is a treasure trove of wonderful, exotic creatures.

It has the best shopping for miles around

As the Yorkshire area’s retail hub Leeds caters for more than 3 million people; it’s one of the busiest shopping districts in the country and has a huge shopping centre to match, and with the recent addition of the Trinity Leeds Centre this has become a retail Mecca! Whether you’re looking for a special something or just a little retail therapy, you won’t have to go far to find it in Leeds.

It’s in the UK’s most beautiful countryside

Not many cities can boast countryside like the Yorkshire Dales within an easy day trip’s distance. Make use of the gorgeous scenery available only a short hop away and spend a day taking in the glorious views before retiring to a tea shop for a cake and a cuppa! For longer holidays, idyllic breaks in Scarborough or the Lake District are only a few hours away, within easy reach on a sunny weekend.

It has an amazing music scene

Buy a house in Leeds and you’ll find a multitude of national touring acts on your doorstep; from the latest breakthroughs to world-famous groups, they all come through Leeds. You’ll also find yourself presented with dozens of venues in which to see them, from the First Direct super-arena to the legendary Warehouse and the many intimate venues that cater to up-and-coming local bands. Leeds also hosts several annual music festivals, offering you the opportunity to catch the very best bands of the moment without having to camp all weekend. With all this music around it’s not hard to see why it’s produced such acts as Submotion Orchestra, Alt-J and the Kaiser Chiefs!

It’s full of culture and history

As the heart and soul of the Yorkshire area, Leeds attracts hundreds of thousands of patrons every year, feeding a vibrant and exciting local community. From the imposing majesty of the Leeds Art Gallery to the fun and informative Abbey House Museum, you’ll never run out of intriguing places to explore!

It’s the UK’s top university city

Leeds is served by no fewer than four different universities and was voted the best UK university destination by the Independent. As the fourth-largest student population in the UK Leeds has a staggeringly diverse array of entertainment and cultural events and to offer the young and enthusiastic freshers who stream to the city each year; though the prospect of swarming students may put some off, the vibrant culture they help to support benefits anyone living here!

It’s a growing economic powerhouse

Leeds is a city with roots in hard work and steady growth. Today, it is the third largest economy in the UK after London and continues to grow year upon year, attracting greater investments and opportunities. As the largest financial and legal centre outside of London there is a strongly-supported economy in Leeds but don’t go thinking it’s a stiffly blue-collar city; the makers of top-shelf games such as Call of Duty and GTA V have offices here too!