7 Types Of Landlord To Avoid

7 Types Of Landlord To Avoid

December 22, 2016

7 Types of Landlord You Should Avoid

So you’ve found a great looking house online, one which fits within your budget and seems nice inside and out. It’s time to arrange a viewing, but remember; this is also your opportunity to find out what your landlord is like. This is the person who’s responsible for keeping your property in good shape, and who you’ll have to keep happy in order to have a peaceful life.

Your relationship with your landlord has a big impact on your day to day life, so you need to keep an eye out for anyone who’s going to be trouble – it might not be worth it! Here are some of the characters you ought to look out for:

The Hermit: This landlord invested in a rental property to help pay their mortgage, and the last thing they want is to hear from you. They’ll do anything they can to avoid dealing with you – even if there are problems with the property, or you have a legitimate concern. These landlords will supply little to no contact information, and will be extremely hard to get hold of.

The Slob: However the home looks when you go to view it is the condition the landlord expects it to be kept in. If it’s dirty and unclean, if there are broken fixtures and fittings, it’s unlikely that they’re going to hold their end up when it comes to taking care of basic maintenance and repairs.

The Intruder: This landlord thinks that because they pay the mortgage they can treat the property as their own. You’re “just the tenant”, and they can still come and go as they like. They couldn’t be more wrong – if you’re renting the property, you can refuse them entry if you haven’t provided written permission in advance. If they enter anyway it’s a breach of contract, and you should consult your local Council’s Tenancy Relations Officer.

The Legal Eagle: This type of landlord knows their rights insider and out, as well as yours, and is a stickler for keeping everything in order. This is great on paper, but it can depend on how they apply their knowledge; if they try to exploit their knowledge of the rules to their advantage, this could cause trouble for you. Remember, a tenancy agreement has to be reasonable and fair in order to be legally binding; if they’ve slipped in a clause that says they can store their motorbike in your living room it’s unfair, and not legally binding.

The Profiteer: This landlord never stops looking for ways to make money off their tenants. With this landlord, any little extra comes with a price tag, and any minor breach of contract comes with a fine. It might seem like if you stick within the rules you’ll be fine, but it’s no fun living with a landlord who’s constantly looking for reasons to charge you; just look somewhere else.

The Clueless Amateur: Nice they may be, but an amateur landlord isn’t someone you want to be involved with. There might be plenty of slack when it comes to paying the rent on time, and he might be friendly and personable, but you need to know that if your pipes start leaking or the boiler breaks in winter your landlord will sort it out ASAP. Make sure that whoever you’re letting from knows what they’re doing, or else you’ll run into some serious problems when they’re out of their depth.

The Detective: This landlord is a tough one to pick out at a viewing, but they’re the one who turns up at a property inspection looking for any little sign of damage. Of course, they’re within their rights to check that the property’s in good nick, but a landlord who’s desperate to find evidence that you’re misusing their property will becoming very wearing, very quickly.

We’re not saying that you should run a mile if your landlord seems to be one of these characters, it’s just something you need to take into account. Getting to know your landlord at the viewing is crucial, because who you rent from is almost as important as what you’re renting. A good tenant – landlord relationship will make life smooth and easy, whilst a rocky one will make it much harder than it needs to be.